Engagement & Experience

Contributed by HMI

How might we provide a personalised and seamless experience throughout the patient journey, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty? 

With growing competition and increased use of Digital Health, delivering a seamless online-offline patient experience is key for hospitals to improve customer satisfaction and deliver care to a larger audience – ultimately driving patient loyalty.

The patient journey starts well before patients reach the hospital: doing online research for self-diagnosis, finding the right doctor or service, and booking the appointment.  How can the hospital make any of these steps easier for patients?  There could be a range of useful digital tools for patients, such as chatbots, symptom checker, e-appointments, etc. 
Once the patient arrives at the hospital (whether as an outpatient or inpatient), how can we address common pain points, such as waiting times, navigational issues, and information gaps on process or procedures?  Allowing patients to self-manage their journey, including registration, ordering, payment, etc., could help reduce time spent and movement in the hospital.  Better data management, patient monitoring, and process automation could also speed up patient check-in, management and support processes, and improve the visibility and traceability of the whole patient journey. 

After the patient has left the hospital, the recovery journey is often overlooked.  Here, digital tools could help improve adherence to medications or post-surgery follow-up care.  The patient may not have access to his / her health records and know what his/her body is going through.  This is where remote monitoring tools and tele-consultations could help the patient to check in with healthcare professionals from home, be triaged, and continue with the extended post-discharge care. 

The objective of this challenge is to improve the delivery of services or even identify new services across the entire patient journey. Using Digital Health solutions and Smart Hospital technologies, we can deliver healthcare to more patients, increase stickiness, and empower patients to manage their health better.
We are seeking a comprehensive solution that is future-ready to power our hospital operations, to address most, if not all, of the pain points above. Solutions addressing specific pain points are also welcomed, as we look to integrating them into our future-state ecosystem.