Pharmacy Service Experience

Contributed by SingHealth

How might we create a patient-centric,
end-to-end service experience for patients requiring pharmaceutical care, with healthcare staff involved in their care journey?

Current pharmacy services for Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) patients are largely unplanned and reactive in nature. Patients are triaged on-site at registration counters, with majority receiving medication via face-to-face dispensing. There is little integration in workflow, process and system for patient journey between the SOC and the pharmacies. Thus, patients’ dwelling time in healthcare institutions and their waiting time in the pharmacies remain long. In addition, engaging patients early in their healthcare journey to identify needs and preferences can increase compliance with a plan of care and treatment.

We hope to explore a patient-centric approach that is personalised to shape the outpatient visit journeys for our patients, one which provides a single platform to support an end-to-end seamless visit experience.

This includes but not limited to a one-stop service of triaging, payment, consent taking, medication reconciliation and supply, counselling or education, and treatment monitoring.


The vision is for patients to be treated by the right healthcare professional at the most appropriate location in their pharmaceutical care journey. An ideal solution would include predictive capabilities to assess and identify needs, and determine a suite of service options available to each patient immediately after medical consultation.  There is an opportunity to enhance patient pharmaceutical care journey, improve experience and engagement, reduce dwelling time and waiting time of patients by recognising who requires medication reconciliation and counselling, face-to-face dispensing, home delivery, or self-pick up of their medications.