Contributed by St Luke's

How might we better monitor seniors within Senior Care Centres (SCCs), so that we can prevent seniors from leaving the premises without the knowledge of centre staff?

50% of our SCC seniors are diagnosed with dementia. Many of them are prone to wandering and may wish to leave the premises. SCC staff members are accountable for every senior’s safety during operation hours. When seniors leave the SCC ​without the knowledge of the centre staff, they are likely to get lost for a lengthy period of time; may not have the ability to seek help; and are at risk of danger from traffic, falls, and even dehydration.

Such abscondment incidences are likely to

occur when:


  • There is high traffic flow and a flurry of activities. Centre doors are controlled at all times but it is challenging to monitor every individual’s entry and exit.


  • There is a high level of movement in the centre. For example, during activities or at the end of the day when seniors are assisted to washrooms or are being picked up to head home.

We are looking for a solution that can detect seniors attempting to leave the premises, and prevent any door access to seniors from exiting during that time without our staff knowing. The solution should alert staff in the shortest amount of time for a better responsiveness. This could be integrated with identity recognition technology that links with door access or any tracking mechanism (that cannot be removed easily) that is non-invasive to the seniors’ bodies.