Skin Cancer


Contributed by NHG

How might we better enable primary care physicians to instantly access and analyse clinical dermatoscopic images to assist with their diagnosis?

The incidence of melanoma, a type of skin cancer, has been rapidly increasing over the last 30 years. Early detection and accurate diagnosis is crucial, as this allows for prompt treatment, reducing mortalities and morbidities. 


Dermatoscopes, a handheld device that can be used in a clinical examination of suspicious skin lesions, can be bought at around $2,000 (for an advanced model).  However, such devices are often not user-friendly and require an additional adapter to take pictures via a smartphone or a camera.

The National Skin Centre is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform that will aid with the diagnosis of melanoma utilising a modified ABCD (Asymmetry, Borders, Colour, Dermoscopic structures) criteria, as well as an attachable smartphone dermoscopy device. As a whole, the solution would allow for pictures of the lesion to be taken via a smartphone, and analysed using the phone application with the AI software.

The Centre is looking for expertise in the further development and translation of their AI software into a mobile application that could be accessible to more users on their own devices. This allows for pictures of the lesion to be taken by and analysed on a smartphone. Expertise is also being sought for producing and commercialising the smartphone dermoscopy device at scale.

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